Fun Lingua

Fun Lingua is an introduction to English language through Manglish. The word ‘Manglish’ is derived from the words Malayalam and English. Hence it is the mixture of both the languages to make the children more curious on learning English language using Manglish mediator.

Fun Lingua is a three days workshop, which aims at the children in Child Care institutions to learn English language in an unusual way. It empowers children to improve their English language skills.

Why Manglish?

An average Kerala child is very scared of speaking English. They are afraid to speak English due to some reasons. First of all they are afraid of listeners. If I make a mistake, what he or she might think? Secondly, they are afraid of grammar. And we normally think in our local language and translate in to English while speaking. These are the major barriers to average native speakers not to speak English much. Through Manglish practice we aims to overcome all the above said barriers and speak confidently and fluently.

Our modules are divided into 8 different sessions. First is self introduction. Here we ask the children to introduce themselves in any language that make them comfortable. In the second session we will introduce some of the Manglish videos from the famous Malayalam movies and encourage them to imitate. In the third session we provide a passage in which they are supposed to translate them into Manglish using the vocabulary given to them. The 4th session deals with basic structural difference between Malayalam and English sentences; and noun and its pronouns used in English. Next session deals with some prepositions and basic question words. Conversations practices are the major highlights of the session 6. In session 7, we concentrate more on self introduction and introduce about their best friend. Last session of the workshop deals with 50 common phrases and listening to the video of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam speaks to children.

By the end of the workshop participants will generate a curiosity to learn English and they will have a fair knowledge on how to speak. After the workshop, a customized learning modules and an activity card will be given to the centers to continue their language learning process and assessment. This will have one year duration. During the time an individual care plan and proper follow up will be done by the assigned staff. At the end of the course, Ether India will arrange an international workshop for the participants.